More Art.


This time, let’s look at a series of people drawings I’ve done.  These were all draw within ten days of each other and I think it’s a great progression where you can see me trying and improving on many different aspect.

These are in order.  You can see that the first two the legs just look really weird and out of proportion.  Also some of the things I tried were not working so well.  The profile portrait was particularly successful around the shoulder and chest area. The second image the shading around the neck is a vast improvement on the first.  The sleeve didn’t come out all that well though.  I enjoy the challenge of drawing eyes so the fact that two of these images don’t have any visible eyes is good.

The self portrait (fourth one) turned out great.  I did this on a lark, really didn’t expect it to turn out so well.  Some key goodness here:  First using line textures to give color to the shirt.   the angle of the face is a bit unusual and gives a nice “I challenge you” kind of vibe(chin down looking above the glasses).  Going all back with white lines for the surface worked well as well.  Not trying to be subtle about skin tone shading (and providing a mostly lit view) I think also help with the composition.

The final one was done in about sixty percent of the time of each of the others.  instead of drawing shapes and outlines, I blocked in the movements and key framing.  I then went over with a fat line to highlight distinct lines to pay attention to. When I went over with the marker tool for the final I was focusing less on trying to compose everything and more on getting the lines in right.  I really like how the last one turned out, the motion feels real, the pose is a little weird/awkward but it lends to that feeling of being in motion.